Leatherfoot offers a comprehensive range of made to order and bespoke shoes from leading shoemakers to ensure the EXACT fit and aesthetic you’re looking for.

Made to order vs. bespoke

In some industries, made to order and bespoke mean the same thing. When it comes to shoes, however, there are key differences.

For made to order footwear, master craftspeople use existing lasts to create the shoe you have in mind. You specify leather, colour, soles and size, resulting in a style that’s uniquely yours. Shoes are made with a minimal single pair charge, and normally take about 12-20 weeks to arrive, depending on the shoemaker. Although you can always walk in to our store and pick up a wonderful pair of shoes, made to order shoes ensure perfection. A completely personalized fit, your choice of leather and style – there really is no better way to get exactly the shoe you’re looking for.

For bespoke shoes, on the other hand, the last is made to your specifications. Using careful measurements and drawings of your feet, a custom last is created specifically for you by the shoemaker. You have far more choice in design and materials, with unlimited options and no restrictions. However, because bespoke shoemaking is done directly with the shoemaker, it can take up to a year to receive your finished shoes, and is much more costly than any other option. Currently, bespoke options are only available during trunk shows. Most shoes are made with non-custom lasts; unless you have a physical need for bespoke shoes, you should be able to find an existing last that fits your feet perfectly.

Q. How can I order a pair of made-to-order shoes?

Leatherfoot hosts trunk shoes several times a year, giving our clients a unique chance to meet the shoemakers, see sample styles firsthand, and order made to order or bespoke shoes.

However, if you can’t attend a show, that’s never a problem. Orders can be placed anytime. Come into the store anytime for a consultation. We will carefully measure your feet to determine your exact size, then help you select the perfect style, leather and sole for you – but you can be as creative as you want. After all, these shoes are being custom made for your exact size and taste.

A 50% deposit is required, with the balance to be paid upon receipt. Please note that because of their custom nature, all MTO shoes are final sale. For that reason, we will ensure that the shoes are created to your exact specifications for 100% satisfaction.